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Brother is a pre-owned cult clothing fashion reseller with a focus on wearable genderless pieces.

Largely influenced by the rebellious counterculture of the 80s, 90s and now the 00s, their selection is informed by their love for contemporary design and modern classics combined with the casual and eclectic elements of streetwear from the 80s 90s and beyond.

Each designer piece is hand-sourced by the Brother team in their Netil Market store and exclusive to Brother. 

They also host independent and emerging designers and brands that align with their concept. You can also expect a selection of rare and collectable art and photo books by photographers and performers who keep the culture alive.

Always championing a universal style, they believe the future of fashion is non-binary, that anyone can wear anything and that owning modern designer pieces should be made accessible for everyone.

Welcome to Bro+her.

The Brother team
Brother's collection
Brother's collection
Brother's collection