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Netil House

Vogue features Palm Greens

Palm Greens was mentioned in The Vogue Edit: What W're Loving This Week.

Ellie Robertson, Deputy Photographic Editor:

So it was that I found myself accidentally going to Palm Greens in Hackney’s Netil House for the first time – and, as someone who used to consider vegan food an oxymoron, I’m truly glad I did. The cinnamon apple and tahini maple toast is worth a trip alone, but their lunch offerings are the standout for me: Mexican tostadas, umami-laced miso mushrooms and a kale caesar salad I’d eat over its traditional counterpart any day of the week.

Owned and run by Memby Jago and Kali Hamm, ex-music biz and professional chef respectively (Kali trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York, which specialises in vegetarian cooking), Palm Greens also source all their ingredients locally. Even their quinoa is grown in the UK.

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30th March, 2020