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The Guardian features Experimental Perfume Club

The Guardian discusses why gender-free is the future of fragrance

Forget his or hers. Scent beyond gender - an idea started with CK One in the 90s - is shaking up the perfume industry.

"Niche brands have capitalised on the mainstream’s very gendered approach by doing the opposite and “releasing conceptual scents that blur gender lines,” says Lisa Payne, senior beauty analyst at forecasting agency Stylus. The risk appears to be paying off. Emmanuelle Moeglin, founder of the Experimental Perfume Club, says, “When perfume is stripped of marketing and visual cues, men who visit my lab do not censor themselves from using traditionally ‘female’ ingredients such as rose and jasmine. The rise of niche perfumery has helped to break gendered olfactory codes.”

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28th February, 2020