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EATER praises Pollo Feliz at Netil Market

EATER celebrates Netil Market resident Pollo Feliz 

Northern Mexican Taqueria Brings Spectacular Sonoran Flour Tortillas to Hackney.

'Pollo Feliz, which opened in Netil Market, Hackney on 5 February, is notable for its production of flour tortillas, a speciality of the Mexican north west, from where chef-owner Michelle Salazar de la Rocha hails.

This type of flour tortilla — traditionally fortified with lard, but for reasons of approachability here, with a mix of vegetable fats — is scarce if not completely unknown in London. “We’re fairly sure we’re the only ones making flour tortillas in London. They’re a northern Mexican speciality, but change from region to region. I’m from Sonora, so I’m biased in saying they’re the best there!” Salazar told Eater over email this lunchtime.'

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28th February, 2020