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Ed Burkes

Inspired by the belief that music, language and art all have a mutual effect on one another, multi-award-winning painter Ed Burkes aims to find the peculiar pockets of the everyday. Filled with relatable nuances that reference his surroundings both currently and historically, Ed takes cues from the natural world, as well as lyrics and hooks from popular music and historical culture.

A fascination with language is expressed through chopped and sampled phrases or statements that question contexts, hint narratives and invite speculation. The text being as important a feature in his work as the imagery itself.

Ed has been awarded:

Jonathan Vickers Fine Art Award (2019)
Wilhemina Barns-Graham Travel to Italy Award (2016)
Falmouth School of Art Purchase Prize (2016)
Bloomberg New Contemporaries shortlisted Artist (2016)

Ed Burkes