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Alma Yard

Eat Work Art SPOTLIGHT: Dart Studio

Erica of Dart Studio creates beautiful landscapes that evoke the natural beauty of her Devon and Cornish surroundings.

Blurring the edges between abstract and reality, Erica prefers to focus on the colours and emotions of a scene. EWA recently visited Erica in her Alma Yard studio to find out more.

dart studio

Having previously worked in Graphic Design for 15 years, what led you back to focusing on your artwork full time?

Having a family was a big catalyst for the change in my career, initially going freelance within the graphic design industry and then building a design business with fellow resident Lyndsey. We loved running a business together for several years and it enabled us to be flexible and present when required, until Covid hit…

This made us both re-evaluate what we loved doing, and the point of working for yourself being to focus on what brings you joy and what speaks to you uniquely. For me that was painting, so after a few months off during the home school era, I began the process of making art the focus of my everyday work-life.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from our surroundings. The everyday commutes, the sunset skies from the bedroom window, or the weekend trips to the moors and the coast. Most of my work focuses on Devon and Cornwall, there’s so much beauty around us, whether it be in a muddy field or a sunny beach. These shapes, colours and textures in nature are what sparks the creativity within me.

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How have you found your time at Alma Yard? 

Having worked from home for many years now, even pre covid, I was used to that isolation and spending the majority of my time at home, so it has been eye opening to be out of the house!

Until you do it again, you don’t realise how important that space is. Being somewhere else for even a few hours a day has so much benefit for your mental health. To be surrounded by a whole myriad of other creatives too, is really special.

Everyone has something different to offer and daily conversations spark ideas, collaborations and just necessary human contact! 

What are you most looking forward to for 2023 (business or personal)? 

I hope 2023 brings more growth, both for me personally and my business.

I’m looking forward to reaching new people with my work. I love those conversations with buyers, fellow artists and galleries, and can’t wait to have more of them with a wider audience.

I’m also looking forward to visiting new places to fill up my creativity bank. Both within the South West and further afield (hello New York!). This year I aim to get out with a sketchbook and pencils more, just wondering and drawing, and I can’t wait for that - what it will do for me mentally, and for my development.

Interested in joining the Alma Yard community? View our available spaces here. 

16th January, 2023