Tim Hollins

Sculptor, artist and woodworker

Tim Hollins explores three dimensional form in its many manifestations, from abstract to figurative and purely aesthetic to functional. But whatever the form and the theme, what is always present in his work is a sense of lightness, of lift and movement, which defies the solid nature of the material used. Combining artistry and technical craftsmanship, his aim is to please aesthetically, intrigue intellectually and resonate at an emotional level - to arouse an instinctive understanding that nudges the imagination and lifts the mind from day-to-day thoughts and constraints. His work has been shown in galleries across the UK.

What are you most proud of? 

Whenever I produce a piece of sculpture that I immediately know works, aesthetically and conceptually. And whenever I find a solution to a design challenge that seem unsolvable!

Who inspires you in your industry? 

Some of the most inspirational people are the skilled workmen and women who help to make an idea happen - foundry workers for bronze sculpture, timber merchants who really know and care about their woods, framers who are passionate about the perfect way to frame a piece of art. I love working with anyone who knows and loves their particular specialist craft.

What's so good about Waterloo? 

 Twenty years ago, when I started living and working here, it was just on the cusp of changing from steady deterioration and neglect to the upward curve of regeneration and vision that has made it today the most creative, energetic and vibrant area in all of London. Who wouldn’t want the chance to work and create here?