Lunch BXD collaborate with Netil360

Old Paradise Yard residents Lunch BXD have come together with our rooftop space at Netil House this summer 2015 to offer delicious daily lunches for all.

Collaborations between our residents always brings a smile to our faces here at HQ. So the discovery that Netil360 were offering Lunch BXD lunches every day to studio residents, freelancers, all and sundry, got us very excited. 

Lunch BXD (based at Old Paradise Yard) was created by Anna and Naomi to offer an alternative to the bland high-street selection of salad and 'sandwicheries'. Lunch BXD deliver fresh, healthy and wholesome lunches and snacks to offices and events in individual lunch boxes and on sharing platters via bicycle.

You can get your hands on some delicious Lunch BXD goods everyday from 10am-5pm, alongside our new resident coffee house @CoffeeSpaceHQ. Keep an eye on Netil360's social media to discover the daily menu.

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