Father's Day Creative Gifts

Father's Day is fast approaching, looking for something different? Check out a few creative gift ideas from around the studios.

The age old question. The one that keeps you up at night. Your mind is whirling and whirling, but nothing comes to you! That's right...Father's day. The man that has it all, has even more this year, and you're expected to keep up. 

Well never fear, we have over 250 creative studios in our community, so ideas are never in short supply. We got in touch with a few innovate folks to create a little list to relieve those worries. 

Keeping things active, over at Old Paradise Yard we have cycle clothing brand Huez. At HUEZ* they see a future where bicycles are the most popular way to get around - just look around Hackney and they don't seem to be far off. For 15% off all Huez products. Just enter the code on DAD checkout to claim the discount. 

Unfortunately, we're all ageing! Fortunately, the modern dad is well into his skin care products. So, bearing this in mind, you should definitely check out Netil House resident Rehab London. Rehab is a natural men’s grooming range that is proud to be “rock n roll” on the outside, but gentle on the in...I know right? Made from natural botanical ingredients and essential oils, hand plucked by the Rehab London team, this is an ideal gift for the modern dad

Now many have you might have read the last one and thought, my dad will never go for that stuff...Well, if he isn't into skincare (or Clooney) then he's probably more likely to fancy a bottle of 58 Gin. Based at Hackney Downs Studios, 58 Gin is a micro distillery that creates handcrafted bottles of the finest gin. With a strong mixture of botanicals, every batch is as unique in flavour as the next. Head over to their site to organise a tour or purchase a bottle.

Back on the healthy vibe, a few classes down at Barber's Gym would be ideal. Owner Darren Barber recently became a dad himself, and has some muscle aching classes that will have your dad in the finest shape of his life. Group daily strength and conditioning classes, both morning and evenings, would be a perfect starter for ten. All the training options available suit differing goals and are determined by type of training, quantity, duration, programme design and cost.

Finally, we have some stella clothing options from the good folks at Harry Stedman based at Hackney Downs Studios. Harry Stedman is a menswear brand based in London, England. They draw their influence from classic American & European attire with a particular focus on the 1950s. To grab some awesome pieces for your dad this year, you can use the code LOYALTYSIGNUP which will get 15% off. 

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