Digital Agency for Ambitious Platform

EAT WORK ART, pioneers in London's studio space industry, are looking for a innovative and dynamic digital agency to work on their groundbreaking digital platform. 

We're looking for a team to develop a relationship with and work with us on a long-term basis to develop the next phases of the website and work closely with us to create an ambitious and slick platform.

You will be able to write clear and concise code for our site written in Python, Flask, Jinja Templating, JQuery and HTML5/CSS3. An understanding or interest in technical SEO is a plus, as well as an in-house Designer.

Can you do the following?
Python, PHP, Ruby or similar (The site is written in Python and Flask), Javascript, jQuery, HTML5 / CSS3

EAT WORK ART is growing network of creatives, we regenerate abandoned space to create studios for independent creative business. With three hubs in London, our online platform is a exciting way to connect creatives and potential clients as well as showcasing our venues, events, studio spaces and news.

Get in touch with Louise with your portfolio and why you'd like to get your teeth into this project

[Photography by Jan Vrhovnik]