Syd Kemp on guitar and vocals, Harry Bohay on drums, John Linger on bass and Lacopo Bertelli on guitar.

SYD KEMP is maintaining the perfect balance between smooth and loud with influences being picked from all over the spectrum. They can’t be pigeonholed into one single genre, in-fact it is difficult to label the sound at all. 

Touching on new wave, ambient, psychedelic music as well as classic indie rock SYD KEMP offers a genre-blurring sound. 

Vincent Gallo, Deerhunter, Mac DeMarco, Broadcast and Television make the music a dreamy, gleaming, glassy and addictive event dripping in liquid silver.

What are you most proud of?

The ability to translate emotions into music. Very helpful.

Where do you get creative inspiration from?

From other artists, definitely. They dont inspire me emotion-wise, but they act as a manual to unleash emotions and thoughts.