Silverdoor Agency

Silverdoor is a Music, Fashion & Lifestyle who offers the following services:  Social Media Management, PR & Creative Content.  

We approach each project with a fresh and creative outlook, exploring every angle possible to connect our client and content with the biggest audience possible. When working with us expect creative thinking, fresh ideas, straight talking and hard graft. We believe results rely on all of those things.

Silverdoor currently boasts brands such as Original Penguin, Farah, Callaway, Dr Martens and J├Ągermeister as key clients. On the Music PR side we look after multi million selling artists such as Devo, Atari Teenage Riot, Zoot Woman & Dieter Meier as well as newer acts such as The Bulletproof Bomb, The Midnight Barbers, Bright Young People & more. We have 28 active bands on the full roster.