Resident Spotlight: Charles of Lloyd

Charles of Lloyd will be displaying at PULSE trade show this May at Olympia London from May 10-12th. 

Charlotte Lloyd is a textiles designer working under the moniker Charles of Lloyd here at Netil House. Alongside a career in brand management and fashion licensing, COL was born to provide a creative outlet for Charlotte's love of pattern and compulsive nature as a maker. Ahead of her first trade show of the year at PULSE, we grabbed a quick chat with Charlotte to discover how she balances her two loves, plans for the show and time at Netil House.

How do you find the balance between a life of fashion licensing as well as textile design?

COL: It's been a bit of a balancing act that shifts now and then to be honest. I went freelance about 2.5 years ago leaving behind a full time licensing role in the aim of building more making and designing into my week. Initially I had a lot of development and learning time as I was effectively teaching my self a new trade and one that felt like a natural next step with a back ground in textiles, brands and a new found love for print. After the first year I had less design time as I had taken on more licensing clients in favour of stability whilst exploring what COL was becoming. As time has gone by I've managed to balance my week with 3 days working on the licensing side and 2 on my own development as a tiny weeny newcomer brand.

What are your plans for your stand at Pulse this year?

COL: It's my first trade show as myself. I used to go to shows twice a year in previous roles and jobs but never with the spotlight on something I had directly put my hand too. So it's pretty intimidating, no matter how much prep time you have, without a definitive goal I would be perfecting things forever! My stand there is to launch a new line of soft furnishings and accessories and really get out to meet potential buyers rather than hiding behind a website. It definitely feels like a leap of faith but without getting out there and gaining feedback or comments you’re unlikely to grow and push on. So, here we go!

Which other traders are you excited to see?

COL: I have not actually had a chance to looked at who else is showing as I’ve been buried in prep as I decided to jump on board quite late in the day. It’s a curated show so I am sure the calibre of exhibitors will be really great and inspiring. I'd love to meet people with complimentary products to look at fun collaborations with.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

COL: Have a large G&T on the closing night for a start! Then I think this year is about building as many new retailer relationships as possible. With out there support big dreams of bonkers new products and concepts will simply be falling on deft ears. So I’m going to be pretty retailer focused and working hard to nurture a special alliance with inspiring stores. Perfecting and fine tuning products is an eternal focus so that will continue. I'd like to find more time to be in the screen printing studio experimenting and to also research new suppliers to expand the line for a small injection of product ahead of Christmas.

How do you like working at Netil House?

COL: It's ace. It's a really nice community and team which is 100% what keeps me here. Like anywhere, you can get a cheaper rent if you want to hunt around for it (if you're lucky), but i don’t believe you would feel as welcome and a part of something without the community feel it has. It's a bit of a binding glue which makes coming to work warm, relaxed and fun. For any individual or business in it's formative years it's so nice to be nestled in a building full of people going through the same motions, all growing together.

Be sure to head to PULSE to show your love and support for Charles of Lloyd.

Check out Charles of Lloyds' resident profile.

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