New Resident Spotlight - Massimo Zeppetelli

Massimo just joined us here at Netil House, so we decided to sit down with him to learn more about the reason for his move.

You're a new resident to Netil House, what made you want to take a studio space here?

MZ: I wanted to find a place that would feel like a home away from home. Everyone at reception is so welcoming, everyone you bump into in corridors are friendly, and there is always an event or something going on. I’m also in a part of the building full of other musicians and creatives and this only helps with being focussed and inspired.

You have multiple musical projects happening at one time, how do you focus on each project individually?

MZ: No sleep! I just keep going until something is done. Often whatever the earliest deadline is is what I focus on first.

Getting a big break at 16 must have been a crazy experience, how do you feel this has shaped your work and career?

MZ: I learnt a lot about the music industry then - about publishing deals, expectations, pressures, corruption and just how money-driven and fickle the industry is. It has driven me to try and do as much as I can without a label or industry backing and to be really careful with who I work with and to always have things in writing!

Did you ever consider a different career path?

MZ: Yes - I’ve always wanted to work on a farm or make watches.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone looking to follow in your footsteps?

MZ: Have an achievable routine which includes writing and stick to it. Make it so engrained that it’s something you just can’t imagine not doing.

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