The Brick Box

A Community Interest Company working in the fields of arts and regeneration, 

committed to creating spaces where art, love and magic can flourish for as many people as possible.

The Brick Box was founded by Eleanor Barrett in August 2010. The name The Brick Box is inspired by a toy box of bricks, plasticine and broken toys that Eleanor had when she was young. Every playtime, it transformed in to a different world, one day a high street the next day the cosmos. It is this creative alchemy that continues to inspire The Brick Box.

The company’s two directors – Eleanor and Rosie - met whilst working in the Shunt Vaults at London Bridge. They share a love for William Blake, smelting, and rum. They have a combined experience of over 35 years of working in creative industries and share the belief that the arts can positively transform people’s lives.

The Brick Box have facilitated over 300 combined arts events, worked with more than 2000 artists, and reached tens of thousands of participants and audience members. Their diverse portfolio of projects include: markets, parks, pubs, squares, service lifts, vault spaces, motorway underpasses and temporary structures.

The Brick Box continue to seek challenges and opportunities to work with new spaces and communities.