Studio Mama Wolf

Studio Mama Wolf is an illustration studio housing three permanent creatives : Laura Hughes, Jill Tytherleigh, & head wolf Sandra Dieckmann. 

The shop and studio is located downstairs on the Village Green at Hackney Downs Studios.

Our opening times are depending on who is in and is doing what but we will aim to be in four days a week plus a weekend day. Hours approx. 12 - 6pm. We might be in at 7am though or as late as 10pm so please give us a knock or email to ask or arrange to come by!

Our studio name grew naturally out of a client and friend calling Sandra - Mama Wolf - and not by her name and it just sort of took on a life of it's own. We have been sharing a studio space together since 2013.

We have enjoyed joining forces to create an innovative, inspiring and energetic dynamic in our working environment. In June 2015 we will be joining the shops on the Village Green downstairs at Hackney Downs Studios to open our illustration studio to the public.

Together we want to create a unique, dual-purpose shop and studio. A space to view and buy affordable illustration that simultaneously offers the public a view into the creative process behind it. We want to grow Studio Mama Wolf by helping you grow and open our doors to talk, teach and shop all things illustration!

Each of us has specialised over many years within the field of illustration. All of us work as illustrators with different specialties and focuses and between us we have been invited to work on commissions from prestigious clients such as Sky, Lily Cole, WWF, Andersen Press, Random House, Harper Collins US, Waitrose, Ted Baker, Daylesford Organic and Harrods.

We have also participated many shows of which two were run by member Laura Hughes 100 Cats in 2014 and Call of the Wild in 2013 as well as being invited to speak publicly for Etsy, Waitrose and Somerset House/AOI about our individual practice.

Want to discover more about Mama Wolf, check out this Resident Spotlight with Sandra Dieckmann.