Smoking Gun Vintage

Handpicked, unique, high-quality vintage clothing and accessories.

What is your elevator pitch?

We are sick to death of the high street churning out bad quality, over-priced and mass-produced fast fashion, for the throwaway generation. We handpick each piece with quality and individuality in mind, delivering it to our customers at an affordable price.

What is the best part of your working day?

Pulling a little treasure out of a unsuspecting pile or bag of rags and then matching it up to it's future owner. It's very obvious when there is a perfect match between person and garment.

What's so good about Hackney?

The creativity, the green space, the diversity, Ridley Road market, the canals, the beards, the dogs, the nightlife, the art, cycling around, the people who live there, the Victorian terraces, the warehouses, the opportunities to be whoever and do whatever you want without judgement.

If you could share a studio with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

My Grandad. He was the king of fancy dress and was pretty handy with a hammer too.