American by birth, worldly by nature. 'The expertise?' you ask ..... HAIR! 

Melissa has been working in the industry since 2001. Having lived in USA, UK, Australia & Thailand and travelled heaps more, Melissa's inspirations are a collective mix of cultures, colors & architecture. Believing knowledge to be paramount, her education is never ending. Melissa loves nothing more than getting to know people and their hair and provide them with the care and assistance they need so everyone can be more confident in getting to know their own hair. In December 2015 the very talented Sophie joined the s&d team. A dynamic duo! Come hang out with us and listen to music and talk about hair.

If you could share a studio with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Vidal Sassoon, although he would hate the way we dress! So in that case, maybe Dr Seuss. It would never be a dull moment.

Who inspires you in your industry?

Every teacher I've ever had in life - they are the people who make the world go round

What's so good about Hackney?

The beards!


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