Sam Green

Sam Green has been working as an illustrator for 10 years since he graduated from his Masters at Central St Martins in London.  During this period he has developed a broad and rich portfolio of work, he has worked for many high profile clients such as LucasArts, Jennfier Lopez, Frank Ocean, Fallon, Based Upon, Random House, Wallpaper* Magazine, Esquire Magazine, and The New York Times among many others.  

Sam embraces analogue and digital methods when creating illustrations, combining a unique skill set to create striking images that make use of detailed realism and playful abstraction.  He is particularly fond of his 0.5 Pentel mechanical pencil and wields it on most days, when he is off the pencils he's on the Wacom tablet.  He also enjoys working in other mediums such as paints, felt tips or crayons if necessary.  Portraiture is a dominant theme in his work and he continues to explore new and interesting ways to depict his subjects.  His career has taken him to strange and exciting places, such as creating artwork for giant metallic installations on a Russian oligarch's yacht or creating animations on a giant neon zoetrope for Sony.   When he is not working on commercial projects he will submit to his creative impulses and develop his personal work.  He is currently represented by the agency Unit who are based in Amsterdam. 

Sam used to work as a labourer and a seller of books at the National Portrait Gallery.  Originally from Brighton, he now resides in Hackney, East London.  He mostly loves music, abstract painting, design, the avant-garde, experimentation, travel, dogs, dogs with sticks in their mouths, travel with dogs, whisky, cherry blossoms, Japan, absurdist humour, reading, outsider art, the internet Ethiopian coffee and quiet time. 

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'Sam’s uniqueness lies in his ability to create images that carry astonishing energy. Unleashing the unruly, unconscious urges through the use of primitivism and gripping us to observe in awe the abstract detail reminiscent to the tranquillity of water – the drawings are simultaneously exciting and calming. Sam’s love for experimentation means he is constantly finding original ways to depict his subjects, never failing to amaze and always assuring a fresh perspective.'

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