Lucy Mills

Working with video, projection and sculpture Lucy’s work is site specific and audience responsive with a cross over of disciplines in digital media and performance.

Our evolutionary nature took us away from our natural roots creating constructions of reality and illustions of safety. As humanity awakens to the cosmos and the natural beauty of all that is, we enter the wilderness of the unknown and discover safety in knowing the self. This is a personal journey that discovers the raw truths of life and the possibilities that free us from limitation.

Our consciousness is what connects us with the all thats is, the Universe, God, Source. Our living earth, animals, plants and humanity are all connected and draw their knowledge and life force from the same source. Its the complex light structures that are all around us that holds the key and the knowledge to our existence and potential. I have seen and drawn what I can describe as natural light path ways of knowledge, connecting everything all over the world to a super main frame of natural intelligence. These pathways are lucid and infinite, connecting all of nature and the universe, a natural internet highway of consciousness. Geometric form and organic natural structures harmonise in perfect natural order giving us humans the knowledge and the key to come back to nature.