Baas Clothing

Welcome to BÄAS 

BÄAS is a London based streetwear label focused on producing innovative designs and quality products, that people can wear with expression. In little over a year it’s progressed from a hobby of designing stencils for t-shirts, into a lifestyle brand people can associate with. Our designs are inspired by rich cultural patterns and merged with contemporary urban fashion to create a unique brand foundation.

The beginning of BÄAS

In the early days of the label, before we had even considered properly printing products, we were creating tees using just stencils and spray paint as a way of creatively saving money. The main themes of these stencils were basic logos and pictures of influential figures, such as The Fresh Prince. We wanted to pick a totally unrecognisable name and having spent the first years of my life in Holland decided on BAAS, a direct translation of the English word boss. As the design process progressed and we started to toy with the idea of professionally printing our own tees, our ideas began to encompass wider cultural influences. We decided to build on the name BAAS and add the umlaut above the A, adding a unique identity to the word and creating the brand.

Now we here

Since its founding in 2013, BÄAS has transformed from a small collection of t-shirt prints into a much more diverse product range. This now includes jackets, hats & accessories, and is continuing to evolve to bring customers original, high quality items. The design philosophy behind BÄAS focuses on connecting traditional cultural patterns with frequently evolving innovative urban fashion. With each collection we aim to make something bigger and better then the last, whilst staying true to our values. With a large UK following and a growing global audience, BÄAS now ships to over 30 countries worldwide with the vision of becoming a recognized global brand.

BÄAS Music

One of the key elements of the brand is our strong relationship with the growing house music scene. BÄAS has an expanding network of Producers and DJs that have really helped develop the brand identity through repping our gear at events. Aside from the clothing part of our business, we also run a successful music blog. The BÄAS Music Blog is always expanding, featuring interviews with some of the UK’s best upcoming talent and articles on everything surrounding the music scene. Our social media channels were set up in order to help promote signed and unsigned artists around the world, by increasing their exposure on SoundCloud and Youtube.

Thank you

With an ever growing collection and global audience, the future is looking bright for BÄAS. We’ll continue to work hard and explore new opportunities to grow the brand and the BÄAS family. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way.

Stay classy.