The Sixth Sense.

By artist, musician and creative coach Chairman Kato.

There’s an iconic scene in a certain horror film where a freaky kid turns to Bruce Willis and says ‘I see dead people’.

Well, I see creative people. I'm tripping over 'em everywhere. I meet them in cafes, bars, through friends. There are a lot of people out there who want to be artists of some kind. You can see the frustration in their eyes, the unrequited longing. They laugh nervously as they speak of the guitar gathering dust, the half finished script, the dried set of paints. Unable even to admit to their desire of being a painter, singer or poet, they give up on themselves and their ambitions.

We make all sorts of decisions about what we can or can't do, who we can or can't be. 'It'll never happen', we say. Instead, we prefer to buy in to all sorts of crazy myths about art- that you're born with or without 'talent', that you need professional training, you need money, you need discipline. Is it any wonder so many people lose their way?

I've been studying the nature of creativity for many years now. I used to have quite a hit and miss relationship with it myself. Some days were productive, others less so. And then I figured out that it was impossible that my ability to create could fluctuate from day to day. How could I have a skill one day but not the next? It didn't make sense to me. So I read, talked, practiced, experimented and came to see that it was my state of mind that was the determinant of my creative output. I came to learn that creativity is actually very simple and distilled my experiences down into the concept of Creative Health, practical guidelines that anyone can use to work through blocks and fulfil their potential.

I think society is basically insane and when you've been insane for a long time it's not easy to change your relationship with things overnight. So if you think you can't be an artist of some kind, then it's going to take some work to unlock your potential. But the good news is, anyone can. I have clients up at my studio who are convinced they can't do what they want, only for their belief system to fall apart with a few lacerating questions. I've even worked with homeless people and helped them become artists. Seeing people take their first tentative steps back towards creative fulfilment is wonderful and helps to consolidate my own learning.

I believe self expression is for all of us and should be available to all. If you're reading this the chances are you want more creativity in your life. And if that's the case then it will be eating away at you somewhere, that nagging feeling. I know it did me.

On the 25th March at Hackney Downs Studios I will be discussing Creative Health (tickets available here) drawing on all of my experiences to reveal how we can all be creative, whatever stage we are at. For the beginner or experienced artist, the rules are the same.

The first thing to recognise, just for today, is that nagging feeling is real. That maybe you just can take those dreams seriously after all.

Now doesn't that feel better?

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