Christmas Countdown #6 Resident Spotlight: Chairman Kato

Chairman Kato guides intrigued Londoners around some of the most unique sites to observe around the capital.

Continuing our Christmas Countdown series, we have a resident spotlight on the brilliant artist and musician Chairman Kato. His Lost and Found Tour's are personal selections of interesting and current exhibitions from the London art scene. Tours range across many disciplines and also aim to introduce other places of interest along the way.

With tours that centre around specific areas of London, this is great opportunity to learn more about a part of town that is unfamiliar but exceptionally intriguing. Tours are typically 3 hours long, entirely on foot and full participation is warmly encouraged.

Kato leads the tours with ex-homeless Kevin, together they make charismatic and well-informed guides, bringing art and culture to Londoners in search of more. As well as regular dates, the team are also more than happy to organise bespoke tours to suit interests and dates.

If you have any questions please contact for more information.

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